Anja Masling's interdisciplinary practice combines various genres of analog and digital images, exploring the complex relationships between moving images and society. By sampling from AI-generated images, vintage slides, computer game landscapes, and more, Masling's work probes the boundaries between reality and construction, memory, culture, and identity, often rooted in personal stories and relationships.


Everybody's YouTube - Video Installation

Project Type: Installation I Experimental I Videowall I Loop

Title: Everybody's YouTube

Anja Masling researches digital culture and user behavior by collecting and re-organizing YouTube videos.

Her work creates a tension between the personal and the public, the user as an individual in their personal space, when using fixed paradigms that are, as a result, catalogued by YouTube's algorithm as a collective.

 ‘Reflecting on our growing digital culture and its increasing audiovisual presence in our daily lives, artists Emile Zile, Anja Masling, Constant Dullaart and more, reveal the possibilities and playfulness of online video to explore, appropriate, and create. Slamming, mixing, melding, mashing, stalling, freezing and buffering will ensue as artists drawing from moving images on the Web beckon you into the vortices of our online video world’- Institute of Network Cultures


Healed by YouTube - Video Installation

Project Type: Installation I Experimental I Videowall I Loop

Healed by YouTube

Anja Masling selected YouTube clips that claim to heal through the screen. The YouTube healers are sending their energies by webcams from their private homes into the YouTube universe.

Masling created a video-wall experience with 16 healers bombarding us with their healing energies.


Healed by YouTube was one of the videos in Shana Moultons series, that has been shown in 9 different musea en gallery spaces around the world.


NEW LANDS / Video / Installation (2022)

Project Type: CGI Animation I Experimental I Archive I Video

2:46 min HD I 2022

Experimental, non-narrative audiovisual work, using animated layers of CGI and archive material to construct and deconstruct the image through remixes, mash-ups and vertiginous effects.
The electronic sound created by Anja Masling enhances the mystical mood and follows the artificial camera movements through a constantly dissolving landscape.
Masling uses electronic music elements and synthesiser pads and bells for melodic distortions and a voice over by Boris Goys's theory of russian cosmism.


High Sierre / Video / Installation  (2022)

TRACES / Video / Installation (2022)

Project Type: Experimental I Video I 2:38 min HD I 2022


Images of a remote landscape in constant fog and a text to read between the lines. 

Masling uses electronic sound repetitions to enhance the dense feel of the almost suffocating fog.


Film Installation I 4:35 min loop I Experimental I Super8

Film footage of rural landscapes in winter, self-developed film material, deliberately scratched and soaked in emulsion to create new structures on the film material itself, that enhance the rawness of the landscape. The scratches perform dance-like movements to the self-composed sound.


Heimweh Project - Installation

The 'Heimweh' Project

Anja Masling selected found footage dia's of (german) landscapes and placed them neatly into a window frame. The light that shines through is reflecting multiple colors into the gallery space, almost like church windows do, creating an immersive experience as a translation of memories that represent the feeling of 'Heimweh' - missing home.

The Film You Wanted Me To Make (22/23)